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June 16, 2024


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Tag ID Signer(Year) Reference Gloss   Context Segment URL
180Fay (1913) TIME~SEVENN/A1P-IX-PL WONDERFUL MUCH ONE DAY GET M-E-S-S-A-G-E FROM D-E-P-A-R-T-M-E-N-T O-F S-T-A-T-E SAY(1x) TOMORROW MORNING TIME+~SEVEN D-O-M P-E-D-R-O WANT COME(-from-rt) VISIT COLLEGE DEAF.12hsldb.georgetown.edu/films/tablefilm.php?source=fay&glossid=180
239Fay (1913) TIME~SEVENN/ASO-AS 1P-IX TELEGRAPH~TELEGRAPH(-to-lt) TO pn:EMG TELL(-to-lt) TOMORROW MORNING TIME+~SEVEN D-O-M P-E-D-R-O FUTURE COME(-from-rt) VISIT COLLEGE.17hsldb.georgetown.edu/films/tablefilm.php?source=fay&glossid=239
269Fay (1913) TIME~SEVENN/AEXACT TIME+~SEVEN D-M pn:PEDRO ARRIVE WITH SEVERAL(2h,rc) MALE~FANCY++ CLASS(rc) 3P-POSS(lt) ...20hsldb.georgetown.edu/films/tablefilm.php?source=fay&glossid=269