A-B-C fingerspelled form
abrupt abrupt endpoint
adj adjective
apport apportionative aspect
approx approximately
arc moves in a horizontal arc
assim assimilated form
aux auxiliary
bwd movement to behind the body
bow body bows at waist
bs:__ body shift
CAPS designates the gloss for the ASL sign
circ moves in a circular pattern
cl:__ semantic classifier
cl-d:__ descriptive classifier
cl-i:__ instrumental or handling classifier
cl-p:__ plural classifier
cl-trace:__ designates a tracing classifier
ctr center signing space or neutral position
deliberate slow, precise manner of movement
DET determiner
dn sign or body moves down
dn/dnwd downward movement
dom dominant hand
dual two
emphatic emphatic form
exp expanded or larger form of the sign
fs:___ lexicalized fingerspelled form
fwd forward movement from the body
gs:___ gestured form
___-hs particular hand configuration
head___ movement of head
HON honorific form of the pronoun
horiz horizontal direction
int intensified form
internal mov internal movement of fingers
ipsi ipsilateral side
IX an index finger hand configuration in pronouns
lc left center of signing space/body
l-hand signed with the left hand
linear moves in a straight line without an arc
lower case an English translation or additional information about the sign
lt left side of signing space/body
lt-to-rt moves from left to right
mov movement
neg headshake
nod headnod
pitch a pitching “windup” movement
pl plural
pn:__ proper noun (e.g. the name of a person or place)
po palm orientation
pose:___ a particular body posture that is neither a sign or a gesture
POSS possessive form of the pronoun
prog progressive
raised eyebrows are raised
rc right center of signing space/body
rel release movement of the hand
rep presence or absence of sign repetition
restr restrained
rf reduced form is used
r-hand signed with the right hand
rt right side of signing space/body
rt-to-lt moves from right to left
slow slow rate of signing
split arc each hand moves in an arc away from each other
sweep arc moves in a horizontal arc across signing space
triple three
up body or sign moves up
up/upwd upward movement
vert vertical direction
vert circ moves in a circle on vertical plane
wg internal wiggling movement of fingers
X designates the signer’s body as the location in determiners