SIGN Type values: referring to general formation of the sign
CAPS designates the gloss for the ASL sign
A-B-C fingerspelled form
fs:___ lexicalized fingerspelled form
gs:___ gestured form
pose:___ description of a particular body posture playing a substantive role in the discourse which is neither a sign nor a gesture
___° normal open handshape becomes closed (such as with X°, the thumb makes contact with the index finger)
___-___ connects two or more English glosses used to designate a single sign
___~___ designates a form comprised of more than one sign that appears to have undergone compounding
___/___ designates the forms being produced by both hands at the same time. Behavior of the dominant hand appears first
(___) further descriptive information regarding the sign used. May designate handshape used, type of modifier movement, meaning, or location.
rf reduced form is used
pn:_ proper noun
PERSON values: values for pronouns & determiners
IX designates the index finger handshape when referring to pronouns
1P first person
2P second person
3P third person
DET determiner
POSS possessive form of the pronoun
HON honorific form of the pronoun
cl:_ semantic classifier
cl-d:_ descriptive classifier
cl-p:_ plural classifier
cl-i:_ instrumental/handling classifier
cl-trace:_ designates a tracing classifier
HAND values: pertaining to behavior of the hand including information about how the hands are used
1/11-hs designates the index finger as a handshape
mid use of the middle finger in a handshape
ext extended form of the sign referring primarily to length
mod___ designates that the handshape is slightly modified from its normal configuration
° closed version of the handshape
rel release modulation
radial thumb side of the hand used
supine palm side of the hand up
ulnar pinky side of the hand used
1h one-handed form
2h two-handed form
r-hand signed with the right hand
l-hand signed with the left hand
LOCATION values: information pertaining to the location of the sign
ctr center signing space
lateral to the side of the body
lc left center of signing space
lt left side of signing space
rc right center of signing space
rt right side of signing space
X when used with determiners, designates the signer's body as the location
PATH/DIRECTION values: pertaining to the sign's movement and path of movement
> sign formation moves to designated location
< sign formation moves from designated location
up moves up
dn moves down
bwd movement to behind the body
fwd forward movement from the body
inwd movement of hands toward each other
outwd movement of hands away from each other
lt>rt moves from left to right
rt>lt moves from right to left
twd sign moves toward designated location
arc moves in a horizontal arc
circ moves in a circular pattern
horiz circ moves in a circle on horizontal plane
split arc each hand moves in an arc away from each other
sweep arc moves in a horizontal arc across signing space
vert circ moves in a circle on vertical plane
X>arc>X sign moves from body arcs and ends at body
opp designates movement in the opposite direction
BODY Orientation values: body movement information including movement of the head
bs:_ body shift
nod headnod
neg headshake
bow body bows at waist
dn body scrunches down
up body straightens up
MANNER values: refers to the manner of movement in the sign
2h alt 2-handed sign sequentially alternating production from one hand to the other and back
abrupt abrupt endpoint
deliberate manner of movement is precise and typically slower than normal
emph emphatic form
exp expanded or larger form of the sign
linear moves in a straight line without an arc
pitch movement appears to have a pitching "windup"
slow slow rate of signing
diverging for a 2-handed sign - spreads out in neutral space
__x number of iterations of a sign
int intensified form
int7 intensified7 form
intZ intensifiedZ form
prog progressive
recip reciprocal form
rep used to designate whether an entire sign is repeated
+ reduplicated movement of the sign (GIVE+ means the sign was made two times)
restr restrained manner
NUMBER Morpheme values: number values for nouns and predicates
dual two
pl plural
triple three
ASPECT Morpheme values: values pertaining to aspect or manner
alloc allocative aspect
apport apportionative aspect
cont continuous aspect
dist distributive aspect
NOTES VALUES: found primarily in the Footnotes providing further descriptive information
SIGN values: referring to general formation about the sign or general abbreviations
lower case designates the English translation or additional information about the ASL sign
___=lower case designates the English translation of the form
___=CAPS designates the current ASL form's gloss which differs from the film's form
=1913 form the form is the standard form of the era but different than current form
=current form the segment identified is the same today
?___ question about the form or feature
see Long___ form is not identical to the form recorded in Long, but worth comparing
Long def #__ refer to that definition and description in Long
approx approximately
e/o each other
French __ designates the French sign for the concept
w/ with
w/o without
-___ that feature is missing
red identified segment is reduced
HAND values: pertaining to behavior of the hand or hand dominance in producing the sign
___-hs designates the hand configuration for that sign
___>___-hs designates hand configuration change for the sign
po palm orientation
dom dominant hand
nondom nondominant hand
internal mov internal movement of fingers
wg wiggling movement of fingers
LOCATION values: pertaining to the location of the sign
ck cheek
loc location
contra contralateral side
ipsi ipsilateral side
PATH/MOVE values: pertaining to the sign's direction and path of movement
mov movement
dir direction of movement
horiz horizontal direction
vert vertical direction
GRAMMATICAL values: pertaining to identified grammatical information in the sign or phrase
adj adjective
agr agreement feature
assim assimilated form
aux auxiliary
infl inflected form
rhq rhetorical question form
seg referring to segmental information
sent sentence
NONMANUAL values: pertaining to information NOT found in the sign
NMM nonmanual signal
"th" adverb adverb produced at the mouth
"wh" adverb adverb produced at the mouth
"oh" adverb adverb produced at the mouth
"oo" adverb adverb produced at the mouth
"pa" adverb adverb produced at the mouth
"puff ck" adverb adverb produced at the mouth
SUPERSCRIPT values: discourse markers appearing as superscripts in the text
bow co-occurs with the sign
bs:__ body shift
chin __ chin movement predominant
eg:__ eye gaze
hands clasp hands are clasped together in neutral space
hands lax hands relax into an unspecified form
hands neutral hands return to neutral space position in an unspecified form
hands together hands are brought together but are not clasped
hm:__ head movement
hold the final position of the sign is held
raised eyebrows are raised