Thomas F. Fox
1859 - 1944
Deafened at 10 years of age, Thomas Fox attended Fanwood School for the Deaf and went on to graduate from Gallaudet College in 1883. He married Ella Dillingham in 1888 and had 2 sons, Edwin R.D. Fox, and Elliot D. Fox. After his first wife died, he married Fayette Peck in 1917. Fox taught at the New York School for the Deaf over 50 years, his final position was as Principal of the Academic Department. The philosophy of education he modeled was to prepare children ""for the world they are actually going to live in - with character and culture"".
(Sources: The Nebraska Journal Vol.63 No.4, March 1934; The Fanwood Journal Vol.5 No.5, February 1937.)