Willis Hubbard
1845 - 1926
Deafened at the age of 10 of ""brain fever"", Willis Hubbard entered the Fanwood School for the Deaf in 1856 where he sat under the training of Drs. Harvey and Isaac Peet. As valedictorian and member of the high class at Fanwood, Mr. Hubbard so impressed Harvey Peet that he recommended that Barnabus Fay of Michigan School for the Deaf hire him as a teacher. He began teaching at the Michigan school in November of 1863, a few months following graduation. During his 52-year term there, he taught the high class of high school students so well, that Gallaudet College conferred on him the Bachelor of Pedagogy degree in 1911. Although able to use the oral method well, he espoused the combined method and promoted it in his work on pedagogy which inspired much discussion amongst his colleagues.
(Sources: The Silent Educator, January 1890; The Frat, April 1926; The Michigan Mirror, April 1926.)