Preservation of the Sign Language (1913)

The French Deaf View of de I'Epee
	Demonstration of love
	Reasons for their devotion

The State of Deaf Education in Europe
	Sign Language abolished from schools
	Oralism firmly entrenched
	Deaf Americans the envy of Europe
	Deaf Americans better off because of Sign Language

The State of Deaf Education on America
	The threat of Oralism
	Attempts to abolish Sign Language

America's Sign Language Heritage
	The legacy of the Sign Masters
	Desire to preserve their legacy for future generations
Efforts to Preserve the Sign Language
	Motion Picture Films as a medium for preservation
	Status of NAD Motion Picture Film project
	Projected achievements with additional funding
	Benefits of the films

Response to the Oral Threat
	Oralists as enemies of deaf people
	Deaf people must preserve the Sign Language
	Deaf people and sign language are inseparable
	Final plea for support