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February 20, 2024

Signer: McGregor, Robert P. (1913)
Title of film: A Lay Sermon
Number of segments: 63
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1P-POSS MALE~SAME FEMALE~SAME HERE(nod) 1P-IX BRING(rt-to-ctr) TO 2P-IX-PL INDEFINITE M-E-S-S-A-G-E O-F LOVE(bow).My brothers and sisters, I bring you a message of love.1hsldb.georgetown.edu/films/tablefilm.php?source=mcgregor_sermon&keyid=1
IP-IX PICK-FROM(2h) FOR IP-POSS T-E-X-T(nod) WORD++ TWO QUOTE+ O-U-R F-A-T-H-E-R(nod)I have chosen for my text two words, "our Father".2hsldb.georgetown.edu/films/tablefilm.php?source=mcgregor_sermon&keyid=2
1P-IX-PL FUTURE(dn) FIND(1h) THAT(1h) IN pn:JESUS 3P-POSS(up) PRAY+(vert_circ)We will find these words in the Lord's Prayer.3hsldb.georgetown.edu/films/tablefilm.php?source=mcgregor_sermon&keyid=3
WHEN pn:JESUS SAY(1x) THAT(1h) WORD+ IMPORTANT(int), 3P-SELF(rt) TRUE TRY+ TEACH+ 1P-IX-PL HOW PRAY(vert_circ)When Jesus said these two words, He was trying to teach us how we should pray.4hsldb.georgetown.edu/films/tablefilm.php?source=mcgregor_sermon&keyid=4
ASK-QUESTION pn:JESUS 3P-SELF gs:MEEKLY PRAY 1P-POSS FATHER M-Y F-A-T-H-E-R?But when Jesus said these words, was He referring only to Himself?5hsldb.georgetown.edu/films/tablefilm.php?source=mcgregor_sermon&keyid=5
OR 3P-SELF(rt) PEOPLE(lt) cl-p:55(audience) DET-IX(ctr) 3P-POSS DET-IX++ Y-O-U-R FATHER? or was He referring only to the people gathered at that time to listen to Him?6hsldb.georgetown.edu/films/tablefilm.php?source=mcgregor_sermon&keyid=6
OR 3P-SELF(rc) FRIEND FOLLOW~AGENT SEVERAL(2h) CLASS(diminutive,lt-to-rt), TELL-3P(rt) 1P-POSS-PL(at_rt) FATHER ASK-QUESTION?Or was He referring only to his disciples?7hsldb.georgetown.edu/films/tablefilm.php?source=mcgregor_sermon&keyid=7
N-O!(neg,int,neg) pn:JESUS DO DET-IX-PL(dn)/FIVE THAT(2h,neg) gs:NOTHING NO! Jesus was not referring to any of these groups of people!8hsldb.georgetown.edu/films/tablefilm.php?source=mcgregor_sermon&keyid=8
3P-SELF+(rc) STAND ON ROCK~cl-d:55(up-mountain,rt) IN-FRONT-OF WORLD When He spoke these words, He was standing on a mountain before the entire world.9hsldb.georgetown.edu/films/tablefilm.php?source=mcgregor_sermon&keyid=9
PEOPLE MANY+(int) cl-p:55(milling-around) cl-p:44(watch-Jesus,rt)A multitude was gathered to hear Him,10hsldb.georgetown.edu/films/tablefilm.php?source=mcgregor_sermon&keyid=10
IN THAT(1h,lt) CLASS(exp) PEOPLE MANY+(int) FROM pn:CHINA(2h) NEAR++ ALL-OVERand in that multitude were people from China,11hsldb.georgetown.edu/films/tablefilm.php?source=mcgregor_sermon&keyid=11
IN THAT(1h,lt) CLASS(exp) MANY+(int) FROM pn:ROME pn:GREECE pn:EUROPE.In that multitude were people from Rome, Greece and all over Europe12hsldb.georgetown.edu/films/tablefilm.php?source=mcgregor_sermon&keyid=12
IN THAT(1h,lt) CLASS(exp) MANY+(int) FROM pn:EGYPT~PYRAMID THERE(rt,arc) NEAR++In that multitude were people from Africa.13hsldb.georgetown.edu/films/tablefilm.php?source=mcgregor_sermon&keyid=13
TO THAT(1h,rt) CLASS(exp) pn:JESUS TELL It was to this great multitude of peoples that Jesus spoke these words:14hsldb.georgetown.edu/films/tablefilm.php?source=mcgregor_sermon&keyid=14
WHEN 1P-IX-PL PRAY(vert_circ) S-A-Y(int) 1P-POSS-PL(1P-to-arc-to-1P) O-U-R(int) FATHER(deliberate)When you pray, say "OUR Father", each one of us, "our Father".15hsldb.georgetown.edu/films/tablefilm.php?source=mcgregor_sermon&keyid=15
WONDERFUL WORD+ IMPORTANT TO 1P-IX-PLThose were marvelous words He spoke to us.16hsldb.georgetown.edu/films/tablefilm.php?source=mcgregor_sermon&keyid=16
fs:IF pn:JESus(false-start) GOD pn:JESUS 3P-POSS(rt) FATHER AND 1P-POSS FATHER AND 2P-POSS-PL(int) FATHER gs:OH-WELL FOLLOW 1P-IX-PL TRUE ALL MALE~SAME FEMALE~SAME ALL CHILDREN ONE FATHER.God is not only Jesus' Father, but our Father also and therefore follows that if He is our Father, we are all brothers and sisters, the chidren of One Father.17hsldb.georgetown.edu/films/tablefilm.php?source=mcgregor_sermon&keyid=17
BUT WHEN pn:JESUS TELL(2h-alt)THAT(1h) WORD+++, WORLD ARRANGE gs:NOTHING AND(rf) PEOPLE ALL-OVER LOOK-AT-3P(1h,up) UNDERSTAND CLEAR NOT.But when Jesus spoke these words, the world was not yet ready to hear them and people did not truly understand their import.18hsldb.georgetown.edu/films/tablefilm.php?source=mcgregor_sermon&keyid=18
THINK~SUPERIOR DURING THAT(1h) TIME-PERIOD, WORLD SEEM(2h) LARGE(int) PEOPLE FEEL FAR(int,r-hand-to-rt) FAR(l-hand-to-lt) FAR(r-hand-to-rc) FEEL(1x) MINGLE CANT+++.Because when He spoke these words, the world seemed much bigger then and great distances separated people from one another and thus they felt isolated from one another.19hsldb.georgetown.edu/films/tablefilm.php?source=mcgregor_sermon&keyid=19
ROCK~cl-d:55(mountain,lt) DRY~cl-d:55(spread,rt) LIQUID-CLASS~cl-d:55(ocean)-to-gs:SPREAD(ctr) INTERFERE-1P++(rt-to-lt) GOING+(lt-to-rt) Mountains, deserts, and oceans prevented them from travel.20hsldb.georgetown.edu/films/tablefilm.php?source=mcgregor_sermon&keyid=20
YEAR++ NEED++ cl:LEGSonB(ride-horse) HORSE, CAMEL OR cl-i:XxXx(carriage) gs:OH-WELL PEOPLE(rf) FEEL FAR(rt) It required years to travel any distance on horseback or camel or chariot.21hsldb.georgetown.edu/films/tablefilm.php?source=mcgregor_sermon&keyid=21
DONT-KNOW WHO LIVE NEAR+ 3P-IX-PL(lt-to-rt) CANT FEEL(deliberate) BROTHER gs:NOTHING UNDERSTAND gs:NOTHING pn:JESUS 3P-POSS(rt) WORD+ Since they did not know their neighbors in other countries, the people then could not truly comprehend the meaning of Jesus' words.22hsldb.georgetown.edu/films/tablefilm.php?source=mcgregor_sermon&keyid=22
BUT NOW~DAY gs:WHAT? 1P-IX-PL FIND(1h) THERE-HON(arc) DIFFERENT WORLD PROGRESS+++(fwd)In our modern world, however, progress has created a new environment.23hsldb.georgetown.edu/films/tablefilm.php?source=mcgregor_sermon&keyid=23
TELEGRAPH(-to-rt) TRAIN(-to-lt) cl-d:BB(railroad-wheels) ATTRACT PEOPLE NEAR++(ctr-to-rt-to-ctr), EARTH ALL(all_around,exp) SMALL(abrupt,int) SMALL+++Telegraph and modern transportation has drawn us together, and people seem closer than ever before and the world is getting smaller and smaller.24hsldb.georgetown.edu/films/tablefilm.php?source=mcgregor_sermon&keyid=24
AND(rf) 1P-IX-PL KNOW EACH-OTHER(rt-to-ctr) BETTER 1P-IX-PL CAN UNDERSTAND+ EACH-OTHER(ctr-to-rt) BETTER AND FEEL BROTHER.We know each other better and understand one another better and as a result can feel as if we are brothers.25hsldb.georgetown.edu/films/tablefilm.php?source=mcgregor_sermon&keyid=25
1P-IX-PL NOW UNDERSTAND CLEAR TRUE WORD+ 1P-POSS-PL FATHERToday, we understand clearly the words, "our Father"26hsldb.georgetown.edu/films/tablefilm.php?source=mcgregor_sermon&keyid=26
1P-IX-PL TRUE ALL MALE~FEMALE~CHILDREN ONE FATHER, AND 1P-IX-PL TRUE ALL MALE~SAME AND FEMALE~SAME(bow). and we are all children of the Father, and are all brothers and sisters.27hsldb.georgetown.edu/films/tablefilm.php?source=mcgregor_sermon&keyid=27
THAT++(2h) FEEL++(lt_side) SPIRIT BROTHER SPREAD(prog) NOW DAY EXPAND+(prog) DAILY++This spirit of brotherhood is growing daily.28hsldb.georgetown.edu/films/tablefilm.php?source=mcgregor_sermon&keyid=28
HAPPEN THERE(rt) IN pn:CHINA(2h) LIQUID-CLASS~RAIN(wg) FLOOD(prog) DIE(2h-alt) In China, when a flood devastates and kills many,29hsldb.georgetown.edu/films/tablefilm.php?source=mcgregor_sermon&keyid=29
OR IN pn:ITALY, cl:SS(quake) cl:55+(things-falling-down,2h-alt) DIE+++++(2h-alt)or in Italy when earthquakes rock the country and many die,30hsldb.georgetown.edu/films/tablefilm.php?source=mcgregor_sermon&keyid=30
OR IN pn:RUSSIA EAT HUNGRY(2h-alt) ALL-OVER(2h)or in Russia, when starvation strikes the masses,31hsldb.georgetown.edu/films/tablefilm.php?source=mcgregor_sermon&keyid=31
OR HERE FIRE(fwd) AWFULor even here when fire destroys,32hsldb.georgetown.edu/films/tablefilm.php?source=mcgregor_sermon&keyid=32
IN HOUR 2~3~4 WORLD KNOW++ ABOUT THAT(2h,int) AND QUICK DET-IX-PL PEOPLE(rf) FEEL GO-TO(-to-rt) FEEL PITY(rt) QUICK SUMMONS+~GO-AWAY EAT CLOTHES MEDICINE DOCTOR SEND(rt) NO-MATTER(neg) cl:1aroundS(to-bottom-of) WORLD.In a matter of hours, the world is made aware of the plight and peoples' hearts are moved with sympathy and compassion and immediately, people are mobilized to send food, clothing, medicine and even doctors to their aid, even if it is the other side of the world.33hsldb.georgetown.edu/films/tablefilm.php?source=mcgregor_sermon&keyid=33
AND(int) 1P-IX-PL STOP gs:WAIT (rt)ASK-QUESTION(-to-rt) WHO THERE(rt) BLACK~FACE OR YELLOW OR WHITE~FACE OR BROWN(ctr) gs:NOTHING(exp) gs:NOTHING(exp)*And noone stops to ask the color of their skin, whether it be black, yellow, white or brown.34hsldb.georgetown.edu/films/tablefilm.php?source=mcgregor_sermon&keyid=34
ALL(int) 1P-POSS-PL BROTHER IN TROUBLE NEED+ HELP(-to-rt) DET-IX(at_X) THINK~SUPERIOR 1P-IX-PL KNOW WHAT+ HARM 3P-IX(rt) HARM-1P 1P-IX-PL, ANY HELP(-to-rt) 3P-IX(rt) HELP-1P 1P-IX All brothers in distress need our help because we know that what harms others also harms us, and when we help others, they help us.35hsldb.georgetown.edu/films/tablefilm.php?source=mcgregor_sermon&keyid=35
1P-POSS-PL(1P-to-arc) FATHER TRUE GOOD, KIND, DISTRIBUTE ENOUGH EAT CLOTHES FOR ALL 3P-POSS(up) MALE~FEMALE(rf)~CHILDREN 3P-SELF(up) SPOIL+(rt-to-lt) ANY (neg)AWFUL(int). Our Father is good and generously provides food and raiment for all His children and treats His children lavishly (He prefers none of his children over any other).36hsldb.georgetown.edu/films/tablefilm.php?source=mcgregor_sermon&keyid=36
BUT fs:IF 1P-IX-PL SEE MALE SEVERAL(2h,rt) TAKE(2h-alt,ctr-to-rt)~RICH(rt) AND MANY+(lc) HAVE ENOUGH NOT, 1P-IX-PL UNDERSTAND THAT(2h) BECAUSE 3P-IX(rt) UNDERSTAND gs:NOTHING 3P-SELF(rt) TRUE TAKE(2h-alt,ctr) 3P-POSS(rt) fs:OWN(int) MALE~SAME FEMALE~SAME. But if we see a few men selfishly hoarding their wealth while many go without, we know that they do so because they understand not that they are stealing from their own brothers and sisters.37hsldb.georgetown.edu/films/tablefilm.php?source=mcgregor_sermon&keyid=37
WHEN 3P-IX(rt) UNDERSTAND CLEAR WORD+ 1P-POSS-PL FATHER, 3P-SELF(rt) FUTURE(int) DO THAT(1h) NEGATIVE If they truly understood clearly the words, "our Father," they would not behave in such a way.38hsldb.georgetown.edu/films/tablefilm.php?source=mcgregor_sermon&keyid=38
1P-POSS-PL(1P-to-arc) FATHER STRONG OVER-ALL SUN STARS WORLD.Our Father has power over the sun, earth and stars;39hsldb.georgetown.edu/films/tablefilm.php?source=mcgregor_sermon&keyid=39
3P-IX(up) NEED 1P-POSS-PL(1P-to-arc) HELP-3P(up) OR 3P-IX(up) REQUIRE HELP-3P(up), gs:NOTHINGdoes He have need of our help? Not at all.40hsldb.georgetown.edu/films/tablefilm.php?source=mcgregor_sermon&keyid=40
3P-SELF(up) STRONG CAN PROGRESS WITHOUT 1P-POSS-PL(1P-to-arc) HELP-3P(up)+He has the power to do everything without our help.41hsldb.georgetown.edu/films/tablefilm.php?source=mcgregor_sermon&keyid=41
BUT(int) 1P-POSS-PL(1P-to-arc) BROTHER ON EARTH TRUE REQUIRE 1P-POSS-PL(1P-to-arc-to-1P) HELP, 1P-IX NEED 1P-POSS-PL HELP; But our brothers on earth have need of our help, (error)we need our help.42hsldb.georgetown.edu/films/tablefilm.php?source=mcgregor_sermon&keyid=42
AND 1P-IX-PL(1P-to-arc-to-1P) REQUIRE-3P 3P-POSS-PL HELP-1P WHEN 1P-IX-PL IN TROUBLE.They have need of our help and we have need of our brothers' help when we are in distress.43hsldb.georgetown.edu/films/tablefilm.php?source=mcgregor_sermon&keyid=43
AGO MALE ONE GOOD SLEEP ALL-NIGHT PEACE~QUIET THINK~TROUBLE NOTHING BECAUSE 3P-SELF HAVE OPPOSITE+ NOTHING Once, there was a good man sleeping peacefully without a care in the world because he had no enemies.44hsldb.georgetown.edu/films/tablefilm.php?source=mcgregor_sermon&keyid=44
DURING ALL-NIGHT 3P-SELF BED cl:55(light-shining,wg-to-1P)~cl:55(shake,shining-from-1P) WAKE-UP(with-wonder) THERE(-to-lt) SEE(lt) SPIRIT(rf)~FLY SIT WRITE+ BOOK YELLOW.In the middle of the night, a great light shone upon him and upon awakening, he saw an angel sitting in his room writing in a golden book.45hsldb.georgetown.edu/films/tablefilm.php?source=mcgregor_sermon&keyid=45
3P-SELF(rt) ASK-QUESTION(-to-lt) WHERE WRITE IN BOOK? He asked the angel, "what are you writing in that book?"46hsldb.georgetown.edu/films/tablefilm.php?source=mcgregor_sermon&keyid=46
3P-IX(lt) TELL-3P(rt) 1P-IX PUT-DOWN+ NAME++ MALE~ALL-OVER WHO GOD(up) 3P-SELF(up) LOVE.The angel responded, "I am recording the names of all the men on earth whom God loves".47hsldb.georgetown.edu/films/tablefilm.php?source=mcgregor_sermon&keyid=47
3P-IX(rt) ASK-QUESTION(-to-lt),1P-POSS NAME IN?The man then asked, "is my name recorded there?"48hsldb.georgetown.edu/films/tablefilm.php?source=mcgregor_sermon&keyid=48
2P-IX(-to-rt) cl:F//cl:B(turning-pages) gs:OH-WELL (glitch)Leafing through the pages of the book, the angel replied, "Well...."49hsldb.georgetown.edu/films/tablefilm.php?source=mcgregor_sermon&keyid=49
TOMORROW NIGHT 3P-SELF(rt) AGAIN SLEEP~BED WAKE-UP cl:55+(shake,shining-spreads) THAN YESTERDAYThe next night, the same man, fast asleep, was again awakened by an even more blinding light than the night before.50hsldb.georgetown.edu/films/tablefilm.php?source=mcgregor_sermon&keyid=50
SEE(-to-lt) THERE(lt) SPIRIT(rf)~FLY COME AGAIN; 3P-SELF(lt) GOING(-to-rt) gs:COME-HERE++ SHOW-3P(rt), pose:surprised And he saw the same angel standing before him who angel summoned to him to come near and look in the golden book, and with a look of amazement, the angel said,51hsldb.georgetown.edu/films/tablefilm.php?source=mcgregor_sermon&keyid=51
NAME+ 2P-POSS(rt) FIRST(1h) LEAD fs:OF ALL MALE(rep_internal_mov) GOD LOVE THINK~SUPERIOR 2P-SELF(rt) LOVE ALL MALEYour name is the first name in the book before all other men that God loves because you love all men.52hsldb.georgetown.edu/films/tablefilm.php?source=mcgregor_sermon&keyid=52
TRUE THAT(2h) IMPORTANT KNOW~STAY(int).We should remember well that story.53hsldb.georgetown.edu/films/tablefilm.php?source=mcgregor_sermon&keyid=53
1P-IX-PL WANT SHOW-3P(up_rt) HONOR LOVE TO FATHER, 1P-IX-PL CAN DO++ KIND(body_arc) TO 1P-POSS-PL MALE~SAME FEMALE~SAME GOOD~MOSTIf we want to demonstrate our love and reverence to the Father we can perform acts of kindness toward our brothers and sisters and do this to the best of our ability.54hsldb.georgetown.edu/films/tablefilm.php?source=mcgregor_sermon&keyid=54
fs:IF MALE~FEMALE ANY~ONE DET-IX-PL SAY, 1P-IX LOVE 1P-POSS FATHER gs:ADORING TRUE, BUT(int) gs:SHUN 3P-POSS(ctr) BROTHER, THAT(1h,int) MALE TRUE LIE~AGENT.If any one of us were to say, "I love my Father in heaven", but despises his brother, that man is a liar.55hsldb.georgetown.edu/films/tablefilm.php?source=mcgregor_sermon&keyid=55
WORTH THING MOST ON EARTH gs:WHAT? SERVE TO OTHER OTHER(arc) 1P-POSS-PL BROTHer(glitch) 1P-POSS-PL BROTHER SISTER.Our primary mission on earth is to serve our brothers and sisters.56hsldb.georgetown.edu/films/tablefilm.php?source=mcgregor_sermon&keyid=56
WHEN WORLD UNDERSTAND CLEAR pn:JESUS 3P-POSS(up,rt) WORD+, 1P-POSS-PL FATHER IN 3P-POSS(rt) TRUE MEANING, FUTURE(2h) TAKE(2h-alt) STRUGGLE, WAR STOP(int) END AND 3P-POSS(up,int,rt) KING TRUE COME(-from-up) ON EARTH.When the world understands clearly the true meaning of these words that Jesus spoke, there will be no more selfish hoarding of mammon, no more strife, no more war; and God's Kingdom will truly come on earth. 57hsldb.georgetown.edu/films/tablefilm.php?source=mcgregor_sermon&keyid=57
PRAY, L-E-T U-S P-R-A-Y, pose:bowLet us pray,58hsldb.georgetown.edu/films/tablefilm.php?source=mcgregor_sermon&keyid=58
1P-POSS-PL FATHER(rf) IN~HEAVEN pose:bow 2P-POSS(up) KING COME(up-to-), 2P-POSS(up) APPRECIATE DO ON EARTH SO-AS HEAVEN pose:bowOur Father who art in heaven, Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven.59hsldb.georgetown.edu/films/tablefilm.php?source=mcgregor_sermon&keyid=59
ASK DISTRIBUTE 1P-IX-PL(1P-to-arc-to-1P) DAY(rf,1h)~NOW 1P-POSS-PL DAILY BREAD pose:bowGive us this day our daily bread,60hsldb.georgetown.edu/films/tablefilm.php?source=mcgregor_sermon&keyid=60
PRAY FORGIVE 1P-POSS-PL SIN SO-AS 1P-IX-PL FORGIVE ALL WHO HARM+ 1P-IX-PL pose:bowand forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.61hsldb.georgetown.edu/films/tablefilm.php?source=mcgregor_sermon&keyid=61
PRAY LEAD 1P-IX-PL NEGATIVE IN TEMPT~FAIL(lt) BUT gs:GRAB-HAND(-to-rt) FREE FROM TROUBLE pose:bowAnd lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.62hsldb.georgetown.edu/films/tablefilm.php?source=mcgregor_sermon&keyid=62
BECAUSE TRUE 2P-POSS(up,int) KING~OVER-ALL STRONG AND GLORY ALWAYS(int) CONTINUE PRAY pose:bow.For Thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory forever. Amen.63hsldb.georgetown.edu/films/tablefilm.php?source=mcgregor_sermon&keyid=63