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Entry ID Book Source Reference Gloss Author’s gloss Description Page URL
17Higgins (1923) THINK~SAMEAGREEAGREE: "Think" and "Same" signed together in succession. Right index tip to forehead for "Think" and prone indices horizontal and side by side for "Same." 7hsldb.georgetown.edu/books/book-window.php?id=17&refid=higgins1923
284Long (1918) AGREEAGREEAGREE: Place end of right "G" hand against center of forehead; bring finger down in front pointing out, and bring the other forefinger up alongside parallel to it but not touching. VII,148.42hsldb.georgetown.edu/books/book-window.php?id=284&refid=long1918
Tag ID Signer(Year) Reference Gloss   Context Segment URL
157Draper (1915) AGREEN/ANOW FEEL+ THINK APPRECIATE AGREE(-to-rt) WITH THAT(1h,rt) DECIDE.18hsldb.georgetown.edu/films/tablefilm.php?source=draper&glossid=157
187Fox (1915) AGREEN/ATRUE ALL~WITH AGREE(rc) ALRIGHT(rc) FOR 1P-IX-PL DO THAT(2h)17hsldb.georgetown.edu/films/tablefilm.php?source=fox&glossid=187
119Hubbard (1913) AGREEN/ADURING TIME-PERIOD THAT(1h), COLLEGE IN pn:WASHINGTON-DC HAVE PROBLEM+TROUBLE, 3P-SELF SUPPORT HELP INFLUENCE MAKE MANY PEOPLE AGREE(lt) FUTURE(dn,lt) COLLEGE(lt) ESTABLISH(lt) ON(lt) STRONG(lt) CONTINUE(lt) UP-TILL-NOW~NOW(lt).13hsldb.georgetown.edu/films/tablefilm.php?source=hubbard&glossid=119