Historical Sign Language Database
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February 21, 2024


Entry ID Book Source Reference Gloss Author’s gloss Description Page URL
18Higgins (1923) ALRIGHTALL RIGHTALL RIGHT: Right hand edgewise pushed out across left supine palm. (Correct) (Right).7hsldb.georgetown.edu/books/book-window.php?id=18&refid=higgins1923
641Long (1918) ALRIGHTRIGHTRIGHT: Hold out the open left hand, palm up; diagonally across the palm push the right open hand with edge touching the palm. The sign may be made straight across. XIII,254.75hsldb.georgetown.edu/books/book-window.php?id=641&refid=long1918
Tag ID Signer(Year) Reference Gloss   Context Segment URL
172Draper (1915) ALRIGHTN/A1P-IX FEEL 3P-POSS(rt) DEAF HOPE++ PROGRESS-UP~LEVEL(exp) ALRIGHT+ GOOD(int). 20hsldb.georgetown.edu/films/tablefilm.php?source=draper&glossid=172
196Draper (1915) ALRIGHTN/Ags:OH-WELL 1P-IX DECIDE 1P-SELF PUT-DOWN 1P-POSS NAME ON THAT(2h) cl-d-trace:11(document) A-C-T AND 1P-IX HOPE FUTURE TIME-PERIOD SHOW THAT(2h) ALRIGHT.22hsldb.georgetown.edu/films/tablefilm.php?source=draper&glossid=196
188Fox (1915) ALRIGHTN/ATRUE ALL~WITH AGREE(rc) ALRIGHT(rc) FOR 1P-IX-PL DO THAT(2h)17hsldb.georgetown.edu/films/tablefilm.php?source=fox&glossid=188
232Hotchkiss (1913) ALRIGHTN/AONCE 1P-IX KNOW~STAY 3P-SELF(rt) pn:CLERC GOING(-to-lt) ENTER(lt) INSTITUTE(lt) STAND STORY DISTRIBUTE DEAF ABOUT WORTH IMPORTANT 3P-IX-PL KEEP READ WRITE+ ARRANGE++(ctr-to-rt) 3P-POSS WORD ALRIGHT20hsldb.georgetown.edu/films/tablefilm.php?source=hotchkiss&glossid=232
416Hotchkiss (1913) ALRIGHTN/AQUICK pn:CLERC FACE SMILE CLEAR, gs:OH-WELL ALRIGHT FORGIVE(-to-lt), FORGIVE(-to-lt) gs:OH-WELL!41hsldb.georgetown.edu/films/tablefilm.php?source=hotchkiss&glossid=416