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309Higgins (1923) FATHER-IN-LAWFATHER-IN-LAWFATHER-IN-LAW: "Father" and right vertical "L" placed against left vertical palm, both palms out.57hsldb.georgetown.edu/books/book-window.php?id=309&refid=higgins1923
469Higgins (1923) LAWLAWLAW: Right "L" placed against the left vertical palm, both palms outward. (Statute) (Precept).84hsldb.georgetown.edu/books/book-window.php?id=469&refid=higgins1923
706Higgins (1923) SISTER-IN-LAWSISTER-IN-LAWSISTER-IN-LAW: Right thumb tip of "A" hand at lower jaw and "Same" and "Law."124hsldb.georgetown.edu/books/book-window.php?id=706&refid=higgins1923
89Long (1918) BROTHER-IN-LAWBROTHER-IN-LAWBROTHER-IN-LAW: "Brother" and "law."22hsldb.georgetown.edu/books/book-window.php?id=89&refid=long1918
87Long (1918) FATHER-IN-LAWFATHER-IN-LAWFATHER-IN-LAW: Sign for "father" and then "law." "Law" is signed as follows: Hold left hand in front of you perpendicularly, fingers together, extended parallel, pointing; throw the forefinger of the right "G" hand against the palm of the left. III,40.22hsldb.georgetown.edu/books/book-window.php?id=87&refid=long1918
1148Long (1918) LARGE~LAW~BREAKSIN (mortal)SIN (Mortal): Large, sin.123hsldb.georgetown.edu/books/book-window.php?id=1148&refid=long1918
528Long (1918) LAWLAWLAW: Hold up open left hand, fingers up, pointing the thumb toward you; lift up the forefinger of right "G" hand and throw it against the palm of the left near the end of the fingers; strike the palm this way several times but each time striking it lower down. For "lawyer" add sign above described for "-er." XI,219.64hsldb.georgetown.edu/books/book-window.php?id=528&refid=long1918
1147Long (1918) LAW~BREAKSINLaw, broken.123hsldb.georgetown.edu/books/book-window.php?id=1147&refid=long1918
1092Long (1918) LAW~FORGIVEDISPENSATIONDISPENSATION: Law, excuse.120hsldb.georgetown.edu/books/book-window.php?id=1092&refid=long1918
88Long (1918) MOTHER-IN-LAWMOTHER-IN-LAWMOTHER-IN-LAW: "Mother" and "law."22hsldb.georgetown.edu/books/book-window.php?id=88&refid=long1918
90Long (1918) SISTER-IN-LAWSISTER-IN-LAWSISTER-IN-LAW: "Sister" and "law."22hsldb.georgetown.edu/books/book-window.php?id=90&refid=long1918
1149Long (1918) SMALL~LAW~BREAKSIN (venial)SIN (Venial): Small, sin.123hsldb.georgetown.edu/books/book-window.php?id=1149&refid=long1918
343Michaels (1923) LAWLAWLAW: 1. Strike the index finger of the right hand in the palm of the left hand.81hsldb.georgetown.edu/books/book-window.php?id=343&refid=michaels1923
344Michaels (1923) LAW~AGENTLAWYERLAWYER: 1. Sign law. 2. Add: Put the palms to the breast and move them downward to the waist for yer.81hsldb.georgetown.edu/books/book-window.php?id=344&refid=michaels1923
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