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Entry ID Book Source Reference Gloss Author’s gloss Description Page URL
522Higgins (1923) MONEYMONEYMONEY: Right fingers and thumb opposed and fingers back down on left supine palm as if counting money into the palm.93hsldb.georgetown.edu/books/book-window.php?id=522&refid=higgins1923
490Long (1918) COLLECT~gs:POCKET-MONEYSAVESAVE: Hold hands somewhat close to self, repeat the motion above, then while turning palm of left hand toward self and making a pocket with it and the body, thrust the right "&" hand into it.61hsldb.georgetown.edu/books/book-window.php?id=490&refid=long1918
1013Long (1918) MONEYMONEYMONEY: Strike the left open palm with the back of the right "&" hand several times. XXII,396.110hsldb.georgetown.edu/books/book-window.php?id=1013&refid=long1918
656Long (1918) MONEY~DECREASECHEAPCHEAP: Begin sign same as above (EXPENSIVE); lift the right hand away and while doing so turn it so its palm faces down toward the left as in "small," thus indicating a small amount of money.76hsldb.georgetown.edu/books/book-window.php?id=656&refid=long1918
548Long (1918) MONEY~KEEP~AGENTTREASURERTREASURER: Sign "money keeper."65hsldb.georgetown.edu/books/book-window.php?id=548&refid=long1918
649Long (1918) WORTH~MONEY~MUCHVALUABLEVALUABLE: Sometimes expressed by the sign for "worth," but it is more correct to add sign for "money" and "much," made as follows: MONEY: Strike the palm of the open left hand with the back of the right "&" hand several times. For MUCH: From its position in the palm, draw the right hand away, letting it become "5" hand with fingers pointing toward palm of left.75hsldb.georgetown.edu/books/book-window.php?id=649&refid=long1918
394Michaels (1923) cl-d-trace:1onB(dollar)MONEYMONEY: 1. Make a circle with the index finger of the right hand in the palm of the left hand.91hsldb.georgetown.edu/books/book-window.php?id=394&refid=michaels1923
525Michaels (1923) WHITE~MONEY~cl-d:B:B:(clasp&shake to jingle)SILVERSILVER: 1. Make the sign of white. 2. Strike the back of the right hand in the palm of the left hand: money. 3. Put the palms of the hands near each other and shake them as if rattling silver money.113hsldb.georgetown.edu/books/book-window.php?id=525&refid=michaels1923
Tag ID Signer(Year) Reference Gloss   Context Segment URL
77Dougherty (1913) MONEYN/AMOM~DAD BOTH DECIDE SPEND(rf)~COLLECT MONEY GIVE(-to-rt) SON GROWUP LEARN BECOME DOCTOR HELP FIND WAY T-O CHANGE(rf) REMOVE SUFFER-PAIN AMONG(rf) PEOPLE. 10hsldb.georgetown.edu/films/tablefilm.php?source=dougherty&glossid=77
33Gallaudet (1910) MONEYN/AOFTEN ON WAY cl-i:XxXx(coach-ride) TAKE(dn,rep2x,2h-alt) MALE~FEMALE~PEOPLE(rf) MONEY SOMETIMES PLOW TAKE(dn,rep2x,2h-alt,at_rt) SHEEP COW(2h). 4hsldb.georgetown.edu/films/tablefilm.php?source=gallaudet&glossid=33
57Gallaudet (1910) MONEYN/AAND CLASS TAKE(-from-lt) ALL 3P-POSS-PL MONEY EARRING~BROOCH~YELLOW AND FEMALE~cl-d:B(small-height) TAKE GO-AWAY(-to-lt_shoulder)6hsldb.georgetown.edu/films/tablefilm.php?source=gallaudet&glossid=57
442Hotchkiss (1913) MONEY~PAYN/ATHAT(1h,lt) STATUE 3P-IX-PL(ctr) MONEY~PAY(2h-alt) MONTH-2~3-several++ UP-TILL-NOW FOR MAKE SCULPT cl:BB(scrape-clean) CHANGE EXACT AGAIN44hsldb.georgetown.edu/films/tablefilm.php?source=hotchkiss&glossid=442
508Hotchkiss (1913) MONEY~PAYN/AAND TRUE YEAR SEVERAL FUTURE DEAF ALL-OVER MONEY~PAY(2h-alt) THREE~THOUSAND DOLLAR BUILD STATUE NEAT WITH cl-d-trace:X(profile) IN B-R-O-N-Z-E 3P-POSS(rt) pn:CLERC ESTABLISH(rt) THAT(1h,rt) AREA 3P-SELF AGO PICK-FROM(-from-rt)51hsldb.georgetown.edu/films/tablefilm.php?source=hotchkiss&glossid=508
566Hotchkiss (1913) MONEYN/ATHINK~SUPERIOR EVERY+++ DEAF SPEAK MALE NEED gs:ORDERED-TO-GO(rt-to-lt) GOING(-to-lt) pn:CLERC C-L-E-R-C AND MONEY GIVE(-to-lt) FOR 3P-POSS(lt) TEACH(-to-rt) SO-AS ALL GET UNDERSTAND 3P-POSS(lt) SPIRIT SIGN55hsldb.georgetown.edu/films/tablefilm.php?source=hotchkiss&glossid=566
499Veditz (1913) MONEYN/A1P-IX-PL(1P-to-arc-to-1P) HAVE THAT(2h, rc) AMOUNT MONEY, 1P-IX-PL(1P-to-arc-to-1P) CAN HAVE DRAMA IN SIGN, CAN HAVE(rf) PREACH+++ IN SIGN, CAN(1h) HAVE(rf) LECTURE++ IN SIGN.46hsldb.georgetown.edu/films/tablefilm.php?source=veditz&glossid=499