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Entry ID Book Source Reference Gloss Author’s gloss Description Page URL
748Higgins (1923) STUPIDSTUPIDSTUPID: Knuckles of closed right hand, vertical palm inward, struck against the side of forehead. (Dunce) (Dull).131hsldb.georgetown.edu/books/book-window.php?id=748&refid=higgins1923
255Long (1918) STUPIDDUNCEDUNCE: Knock the joints of the fingers of right "A" hand against the forehead. 39hsldb.georgetown.edu/books/book-window.php?id=255&refid=long1918
596Long (1918) STUPIDDULL, STUPIDDULL, STUPID: Strike the forehead with the fingers of the right "A" hand at the middle joints. Or, (2) Strike the end of the left open hand, in front, palm toward self, with the fingers of the right "A" hand. Or, (3) Hold the left "B" hand in front, palm down; place the right "C" hand so the thumb is directly under knuckle of the forefinger of the left and the "C" measures the imaginary thickness of the skull; move the hand along to the end of the forefinger, keeping it still in the same position.70hsldb.georgetown.edu/books/book-window.php?id=596&refid=long1918
Tag ID Signer(Year) Reference Gloss   Context Segment URL
45McGregor (1912) STUPIDN/Abs:-to-ctr MAYBE 1P-IX-PL(1P-arc-3P) THINK FEMALE DET-IX(lt) STUPID(int).7hsldb.georgetown.edu/films/tablefilm.php?source=mcgregor_cake&glossid=45
61McGregor (1912) STUPIDN/ADEAF HOW THINKING, TRUE STUPID NOT INTELLIGENT(int).9hsldb.georgetown.edu/films/tablefilm.php?source=mcgregor_cake&glossid=61