Section on Punctuation Symbols

Punctuation    Meaning of Punctuation Symbol

gloss/gloss designates the forms being produced by both hands at the
same time. Behavior of the dominant hand appears first.
gloss-gloss connects two or more English words to designate a single sign
gloss~gloss designates a complex form that appears to have undergone compounding
gloss+ reduplicated movement of the sign
(e.g. GIVE+ means the sign was articulated two times)
letter-letter letters separated by hyphens repesent a fingerspelling word
gloss(___) further descriptive information regarding the sign used.
May designate handshape, movement or location.
___>___-hs designates a hand configuration change within the sign
(e.g. O>5)
___-hs designates a specific hand configuration for that sign
(e.g. 1-hs)
___x number of iterations of a sign
(e.g. 3x)