Date Signer Biography Film Title Outline Corpus
1910Gallaudet, Edward MinerOThe Lorna Doone Country of Devonshire, EnglandOO
1912aMcGregor, Robert P.OThe Irishman's FleaOO
1912bMcGregor, Robert P.OThe Lady and the CakeOO
1913McGregor, Robert P.OA Lay SermonOO
1913Cloud, JamesOA Plea for a Statue of Abbe de l'Epee in AmericaOO
1913Regensburg, Oscar H.OThe Discovery of Chloroform O
1913Dougherty, George T.OThe Discovery of ChloroformOO
1913Erd, Mary WilliamsonODeath of MinnehahaOO
1913Fay, Edward AllenODom Pedro's Visit to Gallaudet CollegeOO
1913Hotchkiss, John B.OMemories of Old HartfordOO
1913Hanson, OlofOAn Address at the Tomb of Garfield O
1913Hubbard, WillisOAn Address at the Tomb of GarfieldOO
1913Veditz, George W.OPreservation of the Sign LanguageOO
1915Draper, Amos G.OThe Signing of the Charter of Gallaudet CollegeOO
1915Bryant, A. D.OLincoln's Gettysburg Address O
1915Fox, Thomas F.OLincoln's Gettysburg AddressOO
1920Marshall, Winfield E.OYankee DoodleOO