George T. Dougherty
1860 - 1934
Deafened at the age of two, George Dougherty attended the Missouri School for the Deaf in Fulton. He entered Gallaudet College before finishing school and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in 1882. Dougherty's scientific interests led him to work for a number of chemical firms while taking advanced courses in chemistry at Washington University in St. Louis and finally ended up working as a master chemist for the Sargent company in Chicago, Illinois. Honored by Gallaudet College with the Master of Science and Doctor of Science degrees, Dr. Dougherty was intimately involved in the Deaf Community. He was a founding member of the NAD and served as presiding officer of the World Congress of the Deaf in 1889. Known for his oratorical ability, Dr. Dougherty's text was a distinctive expression of scientific thought.
(Source: Deaf-Mutes' Journal, December 13, 1934.)