John B. Hotchkiss
1845 - 1922
Dr. John B. Hotchkiss, a member of the second graduating class of Gallaudet College, was the ""last of his generation of instructors"", and taught English at Gallaudet College for over 50 years, beginning his teaching career upon graduation from Gallaudet. An avid supporter of all types of sporting endeavors, he endeared himself to students both in the classroom and on the field. In addition, Dr. Hotchkiss distinguished himself as a great man of literature and theater. Beloved by all who knew him, he was revered for his defense of and facility in The Sign Language. He also distinguished himself by the fact that he was an alumnus of the American School for the Deaf being deafened at the age of nine and knew the retired Laurent Clerc. His play, ""The Gallaudet Play"" was included in the Gallaudet Lecture Series.
(Sources: The Silent Worker, January 1923; The Fanwood Journal, February 1937.)