Memories of Old Hartford (1913)

	NAD selects Hotchkiss to SPEAK
	Reasons for his selection

Recollections of Laurent Clerc
	Clerc helps establish ASD
		Leaves France
		Retires and settles near ASD
		Children still interact with him
	Clerc's Appearance
		Description of physique
		Description of manner
		Description of attire
	Guest Lecture at the School
		Two sentences presented
		Purpose for these sentences
		Two sentences expounded
	An Encounter with a Student
		Clerc's first encounter
		The second encounter
		The third encounter
		The final encounter
	The Commemorative Statue
		Clerc visits Gallaudet's statue
		A conversation with two boys
		Erection of a statue for Clerc

Other Memories
	Interactions with other Teachers
		Teachers sat under Clerc's tutelage
	Two premiere Sign Language Masters
A Story from a Master
	Bartlett's rendition of the crucifixion
	Reactions to Christ's death
	Reactions to Christ's resurrection

	Wish to continue