A Plea for a Statue of Abbe de l'Epee in America (1913)

Introduction: De l'Epee, the founder of Deaf education
	L'Epee's background
	L'Epee paved the way for others

France's tribute to l'Epee
	Location of the monument
	Symbolic representation of love

America's tribute to Gallaudet
	Gallaudet's contribution to American Deaf education
	Monument to Gallaudet

Proposed tribute to L'Epee
	Father of Deaf education
	Demonstration of love and respect

"A Plea for a Statue of de l'Epee in America" was presented 
in sign language and in English at the same time. Reverend 
McCarthy read the English text aloud while Reverend Cloud 
translated the same text online into sign language.