The Lorna Doone Country of Devonshire, England (1910)

Introduction:  The Lorna Doone novel
	Summary of Characters:
		The Doone family
		Lorna Doone
		John Ridd
		John and Lorna
	Another purpose for the talk

	Walking Tour of the Lorna Doone Country
		Tourist attraction
		Gallaudet's trip
			The Cliff Walk
			Aside: Mother Melldrum story
			The countryside
	Coach Tour of the Lorna Doone Country
		Day One
			John Ridd Farm
			Doone Castle
			Valley of the Lynn
		Day Two
			Ley Abbey
			Aside: Whichalse story
		Day Three
			Stag Hunters Meet
		Day Four
			Oare Church
			End of the story

Conclusion:  Purpose of the talk

Closing personal note