Edward Allen Fay
1843 - 1923
The second of only two hearing people selected to present for the Gallaudet Lecture Series, Edward Allen Fay was well-respected within the deaf educational community. His father, Rev. Barnabas Fay founded the Michigan School for the deaf in 1851 and provided Edward with early exposure to deaf people and The Sign Language. He taught in the New York School for the Deaf for three years before accepting Edward M. Gallaudet's offer to teach at the newly established Gallaudet College. For over 50 years, Dr. Fay taught at Gallaudet primarily in the languages and became vice president of the college in 1885. Not only was he known as a fine teacher, Dr. Fay was known as the editor of the American Annals of the Deaf from 1870 - 1920. He also wrote two seminal publications of great historical significance, ""Histories of the American Schools for the Deaf"", and ""Marriages of the Deaf in America"".
(Source: Volta Review, November 1923.)