Robert P. McGregor
1849 - 1926
Deafened at age 8, Robert MacGregor attended the Ohio School for the Deaf and went on to Gallaudet College graduating in 1872. He later received his Masters degree from Gallaudet in 1892. Although he taught in several schools for brief periods, he always seemed to return to his home and so spent most of his teaching years at Ohio School for the Deaf. He retired from teaching in 1920 but continued to be involved in the affairs of the deaf community. MacGregor was most concerned with advocating for the right of deaf people to have a voice in the education of the deaf and articulately fought for it in any forum afforded to him. MacGregor's three texts captured on film, ""A Lay Sermon"", ""The Irishman's Flea"", and ""The Lady and the Cake"" are classic pieces focused on social and political issues of the day.
(Source: Buff & Blue Vol.35 No.4, February 1927.)