Amos G. Draper
1845 - 1917
Dr. Amos G. Draper was born hearing in 1845 and deafened at the age of 11 from Typhus fever after saving a drowning boy in icy cold water. He entered the American School for the Deaf in 1860 and spent only 2 1/2 years there before moving to Illinois with his parents. There he wrote for several newspapers, his interest in journalism being sparked by the active publication department at the American School. He entered Gallaudet in 1868 and graduated with honors in 1872 whereupon he joined the tutorial staff at Gallaudet. Dr. Draper was an adamant supporter of scholarly endeavors and his alma mater. Although involved in a number of Deaf organizations including being a delegate for the International Congress of the Deaf in Paris, he was also a member of the Cosmos Club of Washington and the Sons of the American Revolution. His literary works were considered incisive and elegantly simple.
(Source: The Buff and Blue, November 1917.)