Signer: Erd, Mary Williamson (1913)
Title of film: Death of Minnehaha
Number of segments: 41
ASL English Segment
THERE(-to-rt) cl-d:BB(wigwam,rt) WITH OLD(1h,bow) FATHER WITH DET-IX(rt) DET-IX(rt) WOLF~SPIRIT LOOK-AT+(-to-lt,int), In the wigwam with Nokomis, with those gloomy guests, that watched her,1
WITH EAT gs:NOTHING HUNGRY HOT gs:FEVER, FEMALE~cl-d:B(height,rt) cl:BB(lay-there,lt) DET-IX(lt) LOVE, With the Famine and the Fever, she was lying, the Beloved,2
3P-IX(lt) NEAR(prog) BREATHE(labored) DIE(pitch) M-I-N-N-E-H-A-H-A.She the dying Minnehaha.3
minehaha:LISTEN, 3P-IX(lt) TELL(-to-rt) 1P-IX HEAR(pitch) cl-d:55(rushing-water,-to-lt), HEAR(pitch) cl-d:55+(roaring-thunder,rt) cl-d:55(rushing-water,-to-lt) "Hark!" she said: "I hear a rushing, Hear a roaring and a rushing,4
HEAR(pitch) THERE(-to-rt) INITIAL-W~cl-d:55(falls-of-Minnehaha,rt_up-to-dn) cl:55(waters-striking-a-wall)+ cl:55(dn,swirling-spray-of-water-up) cl:55(settling-down) M-I-N-N-E-H-A-H-A(rt) pose:open-arms(-to-lt) gs:COME-HERE(-to-lt), TO-1P 1P-IX FAR+(pitch).Hear the Falls of Minnehaha calling to me from a distance!"5
old nokomis: pose:hands-clasped pose:pacing pose:stop 1P-POSS BABY(swaying) TELL(-to-lt) OLD(1h,bow) FATHER THERE(rt,pitch) 2P-IX(lt) HEAR(pitch) THAT(1h) ALL-NIGHT WIND-BLOW(up)(swaying) AMONG TALL(lt) TREE(sweep-arc_lt-to-rt), pose:hands-clasped."No, my child!" said old Nokomis, "Tis the night-wind in the pine-trees!"6
minnehaha: pose:hands-down gs:LOOK+ 1P-IX SEE(l-hand,-to-lt) 1P-POSS(r-hand) FATHER pose:arms-folded LONELY~ALONE NEAR cl-d:BB(wigwam) cl-d:BB(wigwam-flaps) pose:arms-folded, "Look!" she said; "I see my father Standing lonely at his doorway,7
gs:COME-HERE(-from-lt) COME-HERE(-from-lt) TO-1P(-from-lt) FROM DET-IX-POSS(lt) cl-d:BB(wigwam,lt) FAR+(pitch) LAND~ALL-OVER(-to-rt) D-A-C-O-T-A-H-S. Beckoning to me from his wigwam In the land of the Dacotahs!"8
old nokomis:pose:hands-clasped pose:pacing NEGATIVE(up) 1P-POSS BABY TELL-2P(-to-lt) OLD(1h) FATHER THERE(-to-lc) THAT(1h) 2P-IX SEE RED~FIRE cl:55(smoke) BLACK cl:55(smoke,2h-to-1h_floating-to-rt) old nokomis:pose:hands-clasped pose:pacing NEGATIVE(up) 1P-POSS BABY TELL-2P(-to-lt) OLD(1h) FATHER THERE(-to-lc) THAT(1h) 2P-IX SEE RED~FIRE-to-cl:55(smoke) BLACK cl:55(smoke,2h-to-1h_floating-to-rt) "No, my child!" said old Nokomis, "''Tis the smoke, that waves and beckons!"9
minnehaha:pose:hands-on-chest pose:hands-up(in_fear) pose:hands-up(in_fear) EYES 3P-POSS DIE(pitch) LOOK-AT-1P ACROSS DARK(pitch,int). "Ah!" she said, "the eyes of Pauguk Glare upon me in the darkness,10
IP-IX NOW FEEL 3P-POSS(lc) COLD HANDS LEAD(-to-lc) 1P-POSS ACROSS(lt) UNSEEN~DARK(pitch,lt).I can feel his icy fingers Clasping mine amid the darkness!11
pose:reach-out(-to-rt) H-I-A-W-A-T-H-A! pose:reach-out(-to-rt) H-I-A-W-A-T-H-A!Hiawatha! Hiawatha!"12
pose:pacing TROUBLE THINK(circ,1x) H-I-A-W-A-T-H-A FAR++(pitch,-to-rt) GO-AWAY(-to-rt) AMONG(rt) TREE(arc,rt) And the desolate Hiawatha, Far away amid the forest,13
FAR+(pitch,rt) cl-trace:1(wandering,-to-rt) ROCK~cl-d:BB(mountains,lt)~cl-d:BB(mountains,rt) HEAR(pitch) HAPPEN(restr) YELL(pitch-to-rt). Miles away among the mountains, Heard that sudden cry of anguish,14
DURING(rest) HEAR(pitch,l-hand) YELL(pitch,r-hand,-to-rt) 3P-POSS(lt) M-I-N-N-E-H-A-H-A pose:reach-out(-to-rt) gs:COME-HERE+(-to-lt) ACROSS(pitch,lt) DARK(pitch,lt).Heard the voice of Minnehaha Calling to him in the darkness,15
pose:reach-out(-to-rt) H-I-A-W-A-T-H-A(rt) pose:reach-out(-to-rt) H-I-A-W-A-T-H-A(rt) pose:head-on-despairing."Hiawatha! Hiawatha!"16
ACROSS(pitch,-to-lt) WHITE~SNOW cl-d:55(covered,lt-to-rt)~cl:55+(fields), WAY(winding,-to-lt) gs:NOTHING BELOW(rt) TREE+(arc,rt) WHITE~SNOW(rt) cl-d:55+(covered-up),rt) cl:55+(branches-hanging-arched) cl:55+(alt,push-branches-away) cl:55+(alt,branches-swaying), Over snow-fields waste and pathless, Under snow-encumbered branches,17
EAT~BED GOING(-to-lt)/pose:running(-to-lt) H-I-A-W-A-T-H-A, gs:NOTHING EAT THING IN HANDS BRING(pitch,rt-to-lt), TIRED(pitch), HEART~HEAVY(pitch) pose:pacing. Homeward hurried Hiawatha, Empty-handed, heavy-hearted,18
HEAR(pitch) OLD(1h,bow) FATHER pose:arms-crossed(swaying), pose:face-in-hands(crying), pose:hands-raised-to-hands-clasped.Heard Nokomis moaning, wailing: "Wahonowin! Wahonowin!"19
old nokomis: ALLOW(rf) 3P-HON(lt) M-I-N-N-E-H-A-H-A pose:hands-clasped(-to-lt), ALLOW(up) 1P-IX BEFORE(pitch) DIE(2h,pitch) FOR 3P-IX(lt), ALLOW 1P-IX NOW DIE(pitch) SAME 3P-IX, pose:hands-clasped(pacing), pose:face-in-hand(moaning)."Would that I had perished for you, Would that I were dead as you are! Wahonowin! Wahonowin!"20
THEN H-I-A-W-A-T-H-A, RUN-FAST cl-d:BB(wigwam,rt) cl-d:BB(flaps,rt) ENTER(rt).And he rushed into the wigwam,21
SEE(rt) OLD(rt,1h,bow) FATHER(rt) pose:arms-crossed(swaying,rt)Saw the old Nokomis slowly Rocking to and fro and moaning,22
SEE(-to-lt) 1P-POSS BEAUTIFUL M-I-N-N-E-H-A-H-A, gs:LAY-THERE(2h,lt) DIE(2h,pitch) pose:hand-on-hand(lt) COLD IN-FRONT-OF(lt), pose:arms-folded(-to-rt) pose:step-back/pose:grab-throat(1h),Saw his lovely Minnehaha Lying dead and cold before him,23
THEN H-I-A-W-A-T-H-A HEART(pitch) FULL cl:55(bursting) BREAK(abrupt_rel), YELL(pitch,2h,-to-rt) cl:BB(pitch,strike-against,rt) cl:BB(pitch,strike-against,lt) HEAR(pitch) cl:55(shaking-spreads) And his bursting heart within him Uttered such a cry of anguish,24
TREE(arc,lt-to-rt) cl:55(trees-shaking,rt-to-lt) cl:55(trees-swaying,lt-to-rt).That the forest moaned and shuddered,25
pose:step-back YELL(pitch,2h) BRING(up,pitch,-to-rt) cl:BB(pitch,strike-against-rt) cl:BB(pitch,strike-against-lt) HEAR(pitch) cl:55(up,shaking-spreads), STAR++(lt-to-rt) SKY cl:5(stars-shake,lt-to-rt), FEEL SAME(lt) WITH 3P-POSS(lt) GRIEVE(bow).That the very stars in heaven Shook and trembled with his anguish.26
THEN H-I-A-W-A-T-H-A gs:SIT(lt) QUIET HUSH pose:arms-folded ON(lt) cl-d:BB(bed-length,lt) BED 3P-POSS(lt) M-I-N-N-E-H-A-H-A,Then he sat down, still and speechless, On the bed of Minnehaha,27
NEAR(lc) FEET 3P-POSS(lt) SMILE WATER,At the feet of Laughing Water,28
NEAR 3P-POSS(lt) APPRECIATE SURRENDER(bow) FEET FUTURE (neg)NEVER(pitch) FROM-THEN-ON LIGHT-WEIGHT pose:running(-to-lt) MEET(-to-lt), gs:NOTHING FROM-THEN-ON LIGHT-WEIGHT FOLLOW+(pitch,-to-ctr-to-rt).At those willing feet, that nevermore would lightly run to meet him, Nevermore would follow.29
H-I-A-W-A-T-H-A pose:face-in-hands(kneeling_lt) gs:SEVEN LONG DAY~ALL-NIGHT+(exp,rt-to-lt) CONTINUE(pitch) SAME(pitch) THAT(1h,lt) With both hands his face he covered, Seven long days and nights he sat there,30
SAY gs:NOTHING WORD++(arc,lt-to-lc) DO(pitch,rt) gs:NOTHING SEEM SAME KNOW gs:NOTHING WHEN ALL-NIGHT~cl:C//B(sunrise,lt) RED~cl:5(glimmer,lt), KNOW(pitch) gs:NOTHING WHEN AFTERNOON~cl:F//B(sunset,rt) cl:B(darkness-come-down,rt) DARK(rt) SUN~cl:C(moonrise-to-apex,rt)As if in a swoon he sat there, Speechless, motionless, unconscious Of the daylight or the darkness.31
THEN INDIAN CLASS(rt) cl-p:55(walking-in-line,-to-lt) cl:BB(bring-and-lay-body-in-ground,lt) PUT(lt) BELOW(lt) LAND~cl:55(cover-up,lt) BODY 3P-POSS(lt) M-I-N-N-E-H-A-H-A.Then they buried Minnehaha; In the snow a grave they made her......32
THEN H-I-A-W-A-T-H-A (pacing) pose:arms-crossed pose:arms-folded pose:face-in-hand pose:arms-folded gs:LOOK+(lt) .... From the bed of Minnehaha, Stood and watched it at the doorway......33
YELL(pitch,-to-lt) M-I-N-N-E-H-A-H-A pose:hands-clasped gs:FAREWELL(1h,-to-lt) gs:FAREWELL(2h,-to-lt) 1P-POSS(pitch,lt) SMILE(lt) WATER(rt), "Farewell!" said he, "Minnehaha! Farewell, O my Laughing Water!"34
ALL(pitch) 1P-POSS HEART PUT(lt) BELOW(lt) LAND~cl:55(cover-up,lt) WITH 2P-IX(lt) ALL(pitch) 1P-POSS THINKING GOING(-to-lt) RELATED(pitch,-to-lt) WITH 2P-IX(lt) All my heart is buried with you, All my thoughts go onward with you!35
COMING(-from-lt) NEGATIVE(up) AGAIN HERE WORLD FOR WORK DO(pitch) gs:NOTHING(pitch), COMING(-from-lt) NEGATIVE(up) AGAIN HERE WORLD FOR SUFFER~PAIN. Come not back again to labor, Come not back again to suffer,36
EARTH(rt) HERE(rt) EAT gs:NOTHING HUNGRY HOT~gs:FEVER GRIEVE(bow) HEART HARM BODY THIN cl-d:BB(thin-body) TIRED.Where the Famine and the Fever, Wear the heart and waste the body37
FUTURE LITTLE-BIT TIME-PERIOD 1P-IX GOING(1x-to-lt) 1P-POSS DUTY DO ON EARTH END, FUTURE LITTLE-BIT TIME-PERIOD PASS THEN 2P-POSS(lt) cl:1(feet) WALK++(-to-lt) 1P-IX FUTURE FOLLOW(pitch) FAR+(pitch,1-hs)Soon my task will be completed, Soon your footsteps I shall follow38
TO LAND~cl:55(up,spread) PLACE(up) ALL(pitch) SPIRIT GOD(l-hand) END(rf) BLESS, To the Islands of the Blessed,39
GOING(up,lt) TO(lt) KING~OVER-ALL GO(up)(1-hs,lt) 3P-POSS(up,lt) SUPERIOR SPIRITTo the Kingdom of Ponemah,40
GOING(up,lt) TO(lt) LAND~cl:55(up,spread,lt) ALWAYS FUTURE HAPPY STILL pose:arms-foldedTo the Land of the Hereafter!41