Signer: McGregor, Robert P. (1912a)
Title of film: The Irishman's Flea
Number of segments: 17
ASL English Segment
FEMALE~FANCY(r-hand) MALE~FANCY(l-hand) HERE, ALWAYS WHEN 1P-IX HEAR ABOUT R-E-S-T-O-R-E-D T-O S-O-C-I-E-T-Y DEAF, THINK ABOUT pn:IRELAND 3P-POSS(rt) F-L-E-A. Ladies and gentlemen, whenever I hear about a "restored to society" deaf person, I am reminded of the Irishman''s flea. 1
pn:IRELAND DET-IX(rt,rf) TROUBLE WITH ONE cl:11+++(flea-biting,2h-alt_on-body) TROUBLE DECIDE CATCH(int)An Irishman was troubled by one persistent flea, so he decided to catch it.2
cl:55-to-OO++(chest,undress), pose:look-on-body-to-aha!(raised-hands) 3P-IX(lt,dn) HAPPY pose:grab-at-leg-to-open hand pose:look-around cl:1(flea-at-rt-shoulder) pose:grab-at-shoulder-to-open-hand cl:1(flea-at-lt-chest)-to-grab-chestHe undressed and looked all over his body, but every time he thought he had that flea in his grasp, when he opened his hand, alas, no flea.3
pose: hands-waving NEVER OBTAIN.He never did catch that illusive flea.4
SAME(int) OFTEN HEAR ABOUT DEAF INDEFINITE IN THERE(rt) B-O-S-T-O-N SMART(int) SAY LIPREAD Similarly, we often hear that there is a successful, intelligent oral deaf person in Boston.5
pose:hand-on-hip(bs:lt) TRUE+?Upon hearing this,6
pose:ducked-for-speed(bs:rt) TROLLEY-CAR(-to-rt) ARRIVE(rf)we hop the trolley and go to Boston.7
pose: lean-fwd-looking OH-WELL?, 8
WRONG pose:lean-bwd gs:BACK-THERE(-to-lt_bwd) pn:NEW-YORK.But are met with the response that this person is not in Boston, he is in New York.9
1P-IX(rf) TRUE?Really?!10
pose:turn-around(-to-lt) cl:LEGS(ride-stagecoach,wg) pn:NEW-YORK, We catch the next carriage to New York,11
pose:lean-fwd(lt) THERE(rf,lt) gs:WHAT DEAF SMART LIPREAD SAY(rf)?And ask where this intelligent oral person is. 12
gs:NO-NO THERE(lc,arc_up) C-H-I-C-A-G-O.Only to be told he is in Chicago.13
1P-IX(rf) pose:darn-it! TROLLEY-CAR(-to-lc) We missed him again!14
pose: lean-fwd-lookingAlways searching,15
NEVER FIND(2h) ALWAYS cl:LEGS(hops-from-place-to-place) But never finding this illusive oral success.16
1P-IX-PL FUTURE(l-hand) GET ONE(raised_brow) CORRECT SMART LIPREAD SAY++, MINGLE PEOPLE? FUTURE(rf)NEVER. Will we ever find this deaf person who can communicate intelligently and freely with hearing society? Never!17